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   Official Supplier for East Texas!

If the East Texas Chapter provides officials for your football home schedule, we want to thank you for your continued support. We take great pride in providing officials for you and your program. We strive to provide you with the highest rated officials in the state of Texas. If you have any questions or concerns please contact a board member to resolve any issue that may arise. 

   School List

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   Need A Crew?

Interested in the East Texas Chapter working your home schedule?
Contact Daniel or Justin, below.

Daniel Pipak  903.736.4046
Varsity Assigning Secretary

Justin Woodson  903.244.3609
Sub-Varsity Assigning Secretary

   Crew List 2021

Referee- Rudy Dudley
Umpire- Tim Skaggs
HL- James Bettis
LJ- Roger Dudley
BJ- Shaun Taylor

Referee- Jim Cranford
Umpire- James Ross
HL- Rick Myers
LJ- Fabian Hubbard
BJ- Eddie Requarth

Referee- Richard Greer
Umpire- Larry Rowe
HL- James Hobbs
LJ- Davin Loveless
BJ- David Temple

Referee- Ronnie Kulak
Umpire- James Garrison
HL- Matthew Patterson
LJ- Larry Tennison
BJ- Steven Briggs

Referee- Ronnie Mutina
Umpire- Mark Matthews
HL- Jeff Hudman
LJ- Dee Daniel
BJ- Willie McKnight

Referee- Brent Simmons
Umpire- Johnny Stone
HL- Ron Smith
LJ- Chris Pellum
BJ- Mark Johnson

Referee- Daniel Pipak
Umpire- Kris Walker
HL- Randle McGill
LJ- Brian Smith
BJ- Pierce Pipak

Referee: Kelly Norris
Umpire: Roger Adams
HL: David Halt
LJ: Don Gray
BJ: Trent Allen

Referee: Dan Wilson
Umpire: Greg Smith
HL: Bobby Newsome
LJ: Mike Davis
BJ: James Ross


Referee- Darin Lair
Umpire- Lonny Penwell
HL- Nathan Simmons 
LJ- Trea Portwood
BJ- Teeto Guevara

Referee-Justin Woodson 
Umpire- Detrick Cheatham
HL- Ezra Hein
LJ-  Zach Hudman
BJ- Corey Edmonson

Referee- Billy Roy
Umpire- Randy Fleet
HL- Spencer Ashmore 
LJ- David Trimble
BJ- Colby Fleet

Referee- Eddie Williams
Umpire- Reynard Screws
HL- Derrick Colbert
LJ- Devin Anderson
BJ- Jerry Freeny

Referee- Vince Williams
Umpire- Mike Lusk
HL- Reggie Turner 
LJ- Eric Alford
BJ- Tyler Wilder

Referee- Bud Barnes
HL- Cody McAree
LJ- Michael Yocum

Referee- Jeff Baker
Umpire- Donald Dillon
HL- Bart Bradley
LJ-Jeff Peterson
BJ- Patrick Carter

Referee- Joe Jones 
Umpire- Greg Tuggle
HL- Greg Frazier
LJ- Keith Cofield
BJ- Travis Varna