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Policies / Rules

   Policies and Procedures

Chain Crew and Clock Mechanics

Managing 25/40 Second Clock

5 Man Mechanics Manual
3 Man Mechanics Manual
4 Man Mechanics Manual
7 Man Mechanics Manual
Illegal Jersey Policy
TASO Football Operating Procedures

Blocking Below the Waist Chart 

UIL/TASO Drone Policy:

The UIL has created the following policy for the use of drones by it’s member schools:

In compliance with all applicable FAA regulations and related law, subject to local discretion, drones may be used for practice purposes only.
Drones shall not be used in conjunction with any scrimmage or game.

UIL Athletics


2021 NCAA Football Rule Changes

2021 UIL Exceptions
NCAA Rule Book
6-Man Football Rules


1. Early Contact
2. Playing through the back of the receiver
3. Grabbing and restricting a receiver’s arm
4. Arm Bar
5. Cutting off or riding a receiver out of the path of the ball
6. Hook and restricting a receiver

Policies / Rules